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The Equalizer Pool Cue – 58″


Custom made Pool & Snooker Cues
The Equalizer is a Hand Spliced Cue with a Rosewood Butt and Ash Shaft. They have been endorsed by Jason “Tornado” Twist…

Additional Information

Cue Size Height of Player
50″ 4'11″ to 5'1″
52″ 5'2″ to 5'4″
54″ 5'5″ to 5'7″
56″ 5'8″ to 5'10″
58″ 5'11″ to 6'1″
60″ 6'2″ to 6'4″

How the EQUALIZER POOL CUES started.

Chris Tedbury & Marisa Tedbury, joint owners of West Coast Billiards have worked on cues for over 30 years cutting them and thinning them down to individual sizes. Chris was getting fed up with this and after working on literally 100's, decided to design his own pool cue and chose the timber, colours, dimensions and most of all, 6 different sizes so he would never have to cut and thin a cue again.

West Coast Billiards wanted to create the best possible cue at the best possible price, and came up with an appropriate name. He chose THE EQUALIZER as it described what the concept was all about; giving people of different heights the opportunity of playing with a cue they could be in control of instead of the other way around.

He then needed a top player to endorse it and to fine tune it so it would play like a violin. He chose Jason Twist from Devon, England; the most consistent player in the most best pool team in the world. Jason has won two World Singles Titles.

Prototypes were sent over to Jason to see if he would endorse the Equalizer then Chris and his wife Marisa went over to meet him and he was so impressed that he flew to Australia in 2007 to promote it.

Many thanks also go to Enzo at Australian Billiard Supplies who without his support, this project would never have happened.

Please note – hard case is extra.