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21 Reasons to convince your partner to let you have a pool table

How to convince Your…

“Better Half”

How important it is for “YOU” to have your very own Pool Table

Pool Table
Here is some “Ammunition” to help your quest…
  1. Playing pool is a great way to socialise with our family and our friends.
  2. Having a pool table home will stop me from wasting my money on beer at the pub!! when I can just grab a carton from the Bottle Shop. Think off all the money we will save!!.
  3. It is SO expensive these days at the pub!! We should entertain our friends at home!!
  4. it will give us something to do after the BBQ and by playing Kelly Pool everyone can join in!!
  5. The family that plays together stays together.
  6. If I have a table at home I wont have to pay $2 a game of pool at the pub. It adds up you know!! It will pay for itself in no time at all!!
  7. I would rather our kids be here!! playing pool with their friends than walking the streets and getting into “who knows what” or going down the pub!! Wasting their money!!! Pissing it up against a wall!!!
  8. A carton of 24 Corona cost around $45 at a bottle shop. At the pub it costs around $6.50 for a small bottle!!! that’s around $156 for 24 small bottles. “WE” could be saving a massive amount of money over a year.
  9. I know we don’t have room in the house “honey” but West Coast Billiards make pool tables for the Patio and the shed!!! as well as pool tables for home use starting from just $1395 including accessories.
  10. A man needs his own space!!
  11. If we had a pool table at home WE will save so much money on beer and your spirits and I wont be risking my driver’s licence driving home from the pub. You can loose your licence after just a couple of beers these days!!!
  12. And I don’t want to have an accident coming home from the pub either!!!. As I wont be covered by insurance if over the legal driving limit !!!! and I will lose my job if I cannot get to work !!! It’s just not worth it !!!! WE should get ourselves a pool table TODAY!! . From West Coast Billiards Mandurah.
  13. At West Coast Billiards Mandurah they have Interest FREE Finance available. All you need is a job, and bank statement and a drivers licence.
  14. We can have The Executive Pub size, State top pool table with $380 of accessories with just $500 down payment and then we only have pay under $5 a day for 12 months and it’s INTEREST FREE we Pay NO Interest…EVER!!!. And they are having a FREE Up Grade that’s the cloth, the delivery is only $150 for Mandurah/ Rockingham or we can pick it up ourselves and save!!!
  15. At West Coast Billiards Mandurah they have pool tables for every budget.
  16. West Coast Billiards pool tables are SO good and SO well priced!!! and they have ben endorsed by Jason “Tornado” Twist who has won 2 World Singles Titles and 12 World 8 Ball Titles. That says it all!!
  17. Tell your partner that YOU have always wanted a pool table, and YOU deserve a pool table, YOU work HARD and it will pay for itself with Beer Savings in NO time at all.
  18. The more you drink the more you save. It is really expensive going to the pub playing pool and having a “few” beers.
    It is VERY IMPORTANT to ask your partners advice on timber finishes and cloth colour DONT worry they will say…It’s YOUR table darling YOU have what you want!! We have heard this said 100’s of times.
  20. Once you have been given the “Green Light” on getting a pool table came phone 1800snooker and then drive straight to West Coast Billiards1800snooker and we will be there!!!
  21. If the above doesn’t work surprise your partner with a Pool Table for “their” Birthday or xmas present!!!
Never give up YOU have the “TOOLS” 21 in fact!! to convince your partner that YOU NEED a pool
table!!!…remember YOU are only one nag away from getting your very own pool Table.